Release v0.3.0

We are excited to present Dittofeed 0.3.0, a significant update that makes Dittofeed more powerful, and easier to use. We've been listening to your feedback, and this release incorporates several community-driven improvements, including crucially a new Dittofeed web sdk and node sdk.

Release Details

New: Self-Host with Render

Use our new 1-click deploy to self-host Dittofeed on Render. See our docs to get started!

New: Web SDK

Introducing our Web SDK, designed for frontend web applications. This SDK allows you to interact with our data APIs from client-side JavaScript.


- Web SDK on npm

- docs

New: Node SDK

Introducing our new Node SDK, which allows you to conveniently access our data APIs to track user traits and behavior from your backend Node app, all without the use of a third-party CDP like Segment. Sending data from your backend is particularly useful for ensuring deliverability, e.g. circumventing ad blockers.


- Node SDK on npm

- docs

Improved: Performance Enhancements

We've made substantial improvements to the memory efficiency and the speed with which the dittofeed-worker updates user properties, segments, and journeys. This translates to benefits for Dittfeed members whose users will be messaged more quickly. These improvements also benefit developers self-hosting Dittofeed, who can now do so more cheaply and reliably.

New: "Any Of" User Property

The "Any Of" User Property computes the last observed value from a set of child sub-user properties. This is especially useful when multiple types of user actions can be used to update the same underlying value. See our docs for more info, and an example of how this might be used.

New: Download Segments

You can now download user segment assignments as a CSV file. This makes it easier to manage and analyze your segments outside of Dittofeed. See the docs.

New: HubSpot Integration

You can now use our HubSpot integration to sync Dittofeed segments to HubSpot as lists. In addition, Dittofeed can now write back email engagements to HubSpot contacts. See our docs  for more info.

Improved: Duration Selector

We've updated the duration selector to offer a more user-friendly experience. Now, you can choose units of time directly within the selector.

Improved: Redirect from "/" to "/dashboard"

We've made an improvement based on the feedback of self-hosting developers. The base path will now automatically redirect to the "/dashboard" path, eliminating the confusion caused by a 404 error when loading the app locally in development.


We hope you find these updates as exciting as we do! As always, we are open to your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to create an issue or reach out to us directly.

Have a good one!

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