Release v0.11.0

Dittofeed v0.11.0: Journey Drafts and Percentages, User Filters, and more

Hi all, Dittofeed v0.11.0 includes some very impactful improvements to Dittofeed.

We made big changes to the way you work with journeys. We added Journey Drafts, which allow you to save your incremental progress. We also added Journey percentages, which allow you to see users' paths through journeys.

Next, we added support for rendering SMS stats on Journeys, which had previously been available only for Email.

We totally reworked our Resource tables for Journeys, Messages, Segments, and others, improving their UI and conveniently displaying related resources.

Finally, we made some improvements to the /dashboard/events page.

This release brings with it a new contributor.  A big welcome and thank you to Wr4th100.

We also saw some return contributors who made important contributions.

Release Details

New: Journey Percentages

With this new feature, you can view the percentage of users that are progressing within journeys. This feature is very useful for understanding how journeys are behaving in production.

New: Journey Drafts

With this new feature, Dittofeed will automatically save a draft of your journey before you publish your changes. This is convenient if you want to be able to save your progress in updating a journey without users being able to see the changes right away. Here's a video demoing the feature!

Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.

Improved: Resource Tables

This addition improves the look and functionality of several pages and their tables:

  • /dashboard/journeys
  • /dashboard/templates
  • /dashboard/broadcasts
  • /dashboard/templates
  • /dashboard/segments
  • /dashboard/user-properties

These tables now allow you to view related resources, e.g., the journeys that use a given template or segment, the templates used by a given user property, etc.

A big thanks to Wr4th100 for making this improvement happen!

They also provide more insight into the rate at which segments and user properties are recomputed, with a "Last Recomputed" column.

New: User Filters

This feature allows you to filter users by their user property values, or segment assignments. This provides a convenient way to explore your user data. A big thanks to oliverqx for contributing this feature!

New: SMS Stats

Previously messaging statistics concerning message deliverability, available both on the /dashboard/messages page, and when viewing a particular journey, were only viewable for email. This release made them available for SMS as well. This is a really important addition. A big thanks to neo773 for this addition!

Improved: /dashboard/events Performance

This release included a radical simplification of the clickhouse query powering the /dashboard/events page, substantially improving its performance.

Wrap Up

Release v0.11.0 includes many high-impact features for Dittofeed, which wouldn't be possible without our amazing contributors!

Until next time!

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