Release v0.10.0

Dittofeed v0.10.0: Transactional Messaging, SES and Postmark, UX Improvements

Hi all, Dittofeed release v0.10.0 is a big release for us. With it, we're releasing support for transactional messaging via Event Entry journeys. This release also adds support for two new email service providers, Amazon SES, and Postmark.

We've also made some key UX improvements, including support for event search, and delivery previews.

Finally, we made some impactful optimizations to our segmentation engine for time based segments.

This release brings with it a number of new contributors.  A big welcome and thank you to,

We also so a number of returning contributors, who we're very grateful for,

Release Details

New: Transactional Messaging via Event Entry Journeys

In big news, Dittofeed now supports for transactional messaging via Event Entry journeys! Event Entry journeys work by triggering a journey whenever a user sends a message with a matching name.

Up untils this point, Dittofeed had been strictly serving the Marketing Email use case case via Segment Entry  journeys.

Event Entry Segments better serve the transactional use case in several respects. They allow an arbitrary number of instances of each journey to be created per user. So for example, one can could an instance of an Event Entry order cancellation journey for every order that a user creates. In contrast, only one instance of Segment Entry journeys can be created per user.

Event Entry journeys are triggered immediately, as soon Dittofeed receives a matching event. This allows Event Entry journeys to be used to send messages much more quickly, which is important for the transactional usecase, which is typically more latency sensitive.  In contrast, Segment Entry journeys must wait until users' segment assignments are recomputed, which can take 10's of seconds.

More information about how to best make use of Dittofeed for transactional messaging is coming soon!

New: Amazon SES Support

Dittofeed now supports Amazon SES as an email service provider, thanks to wreality name. Amazon SES support has been a feature which our users have consistently requested.

Amazon SES is famous for its deliverability guarantees and cost efficiency.

New: Postmark Support

Dittofeed now supports Postmark as an email service provider. Postmark is popular for its deliverability and ease of use. A big thanks to neo773.

New: SMS Tracking via Twilio

Dittofeed now supports tracking the devery rates of your Twilio SMS messages. A big thanks to neo773 contributor.

New: Event Search

Dittofeed now supports search events by event name, message id, or user id. This addition is a big help to workspace members who are trying to understand their users' behavior. A big thanks to Rutik7066 contributor!

Improved: Full JSON Path support

Dittofeed had previously had a limitation that you could not compute a segment or user property on user events which had keys with whitespace. We now support full JSON Path syntax, removing this limitation. { "properties": { "My Property With Whitespace": 1 } ... }

Improved: Optimize Time Based Segmentation

We made big improvements to our segmentation engine, for segments that include measures of time. Improved segments include:

  • "Within" Trait segments.
  • "HasBeen" Trait segments.
  • "Within" Performed segments.

We observed an approximate ~70% reduction in tp95 segment compute times for segments of this type. This is especially impactful because these segments are critical for many common use cases for Dittofeed, including onboarding campaigns, and drip campaigns.

Wrap Up

Release v0.10.0 has been a big release for Dittofeed, which wouldn't be possible without all of our generous contributors!

Until next time!

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