Open-source customer engagement. Omni-channel marketing & transactional messaging across email, SMS, mobile push, WhatsApp, Slack, & more.

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Automate transactional & marketing emails

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1. Connect a data source

Dittofeed supports Twilio Segment CDP, Rest API, & Reverse ETL.

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2. Create automations

Use Dittofeed's segment builder, message template editor, & journey builder.

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3. Connect an email service provider

Start sending with major ESPs including Resend, Amazon SES, Postmark, & Sendgrid.

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Automate SMS text messages

Connect to Twilio SMS or similar SMS providers through our integrations

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Automate messages across even more channels with Webhooks

Watch our webhook tutorials to learn how to connect to the channel of your choice
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Subscription management

Allow users to manage their messaging channel subscription preferences with your organization
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The Open-source Customer Engagement Platform.

Simplify lifecycle marketing and transactional messaging with Dittofeed's open-source tools.