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The future of automation for email, SMS, mobile push, & more. Low-code customer segmentation, message templates, & journeys. Simple enough for any marketer. Flexible enough for any dev.
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Payroll & HR

I wanted to avoid getting locked into a product like that would exponentially increase in cost as our customer base grows. Dittofeed lets me hedge against lock-in with the option to self-host.
Akhil Reddy
Co-founder & CEO @ Thera


The team and their automation tools helped us sustain our rapid growth and serve our new users without interruption.
Michael Shi
Co-founder @ HyperDX


Dittofeed is an indispensable tool in my PLG tech stack. It has helped me level up our onboarding, which improved our TTV for new customers and ultimately conversion to paid.
Tyler Cascade
Head of Growth @ Sleuth

Content & SEO

Not only is Dittofeed a great product, it’s affordable! We really love the flexibility of their segmentation builder and their responsive support.
Matthew Lenhard
Co-founder & CTO @ Positional

Built for developer efficiency

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Authentication + Authorization

Choose between anonymous, single-tenant, or multi-tenant auth modes to suit your specific needs.

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Dittofeed provides a REST API for connecting/configuring app data & an Admin API for programmatically managing your workspace.

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Connect to our APIs via several SDKs, including Web, Node.js, & React Native. If there's an SDK that we're missing and you need, create a GitHub issue & we'll build it for you.

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A future-proofed TypeScript app built on top of the fastest infrastructure available: Postgres, ClickHouse, & Temporal. Plus, a segmentation engine that can process massive volumes of streamed user events.

Control customer data

Self-host Dittofeed to keep full control of your data. Avoid worrying about 3rd party compliance & vendor lock-in.


The devs that make our MIT-licensed GitHub repo great

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Get fast self-hosting support
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Modernizing an aging product space

Platforms like MailChimp and Iterable have existed for decades, raising prices without significantly improving their services. Dittofeed is an open-source alternative that innovates and improves without pricing you out.
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Pricing security

Dittofeed solves the issue of vendor lock-in by providing an escape hatch for our Cloud users. If at any time you would like to switch to self-hosting Dittofeed, we offer technical support to help with the transition.

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Responsive Support

Get in touch with a human instantly to resolve issues over a dedicated Slack Connect (organizations only), the Dittofeed Discord community, or email at

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We love working with our users to add the features they need. Because our code is open source, everyone benefits when we improve the product.

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White-labeling & embeddable components

Add your branding to our products and dashboards. Embed our tools within your own SaaS offering. Dittofeed is the only open-source customer engagement platform to offer programmatic control of multiple workspaces with complete data isolation between each workspace.

Comming soon

Curious about new & upcoming features?

Check out our changelog to stay informed about recent feature releases & bug fixes.


How do I self-host Dittofeed?

Simply go to “Deploy To Render” and follow the prompts to deploy Dittofeed.
Check the Self-Host with Render docs for more info.

Is Dittofeed a low-code application?

Yes, Dittofeed is a low-code application. Engineering work is typically required to submit data to Dittofeed, after which little to no engineering involvement is required.

Who is Dittofeed for?

Dittofeed is for organizations that need to automatically trigger messages to their users. We’ve architected the platform for scalability, and the UI is simple enough for non-technical team members.

What’s the difference between cloud and self-hosting?

With Dittofeed cloud we take care of hosting for you, and provide more advanced auth out of the box.

What kind of messages can I send with Dittofeed?

Messaging channels include email, sms, and webhooks, with more under active development. Send any form of lifecycle marketing or transactional message, such as product updates, password change alerts, newsletters, onboarding reminders, cart reminders, invoices/receipts, etc.

How do I contribute to the open-source repository?

To get involved in our development process, visit our documentation on contributing and view open issues.

How much does Dittofeed cost?

Self-hosting is free! Our cloud offering starts at $75/month. However, pricing is dependent on your organization’s unique active user count and the number of events we will be processing on your behalf. Contact for a quote.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, all new cloud accounts receive a free 14-day trial.

The Open-source Customer Engagement Platform.

Simplify lifecycle marketing and transactional messaging with Dittofeed's open-source tools.