Design message templates with HTML, MJML, or Dittofeed's low-code Notion-like builder. Personalize user messaging with Liquid syntax.

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Template editors for every channel

Personalized messages based on User Properties computed from identify traits & track events

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Supports MJML & HTML markup. Soon to support a drag-and-drop Notion-like designer.

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Generate & preview text message templates. Send via your chosen SMS provider (rates apply).

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Create webhook templates to power Slack, WhatsApp, & mobile push automations.

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Personalization with Liquid syntax

Use Shopify's popular syntax to inject user properties into your message templates

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Use templates in Broadcasts & Journeys

Send templates as one-off blasts, or place as many templates as needed inside of journey automations

The Open-source Customer Engagement Platform.

Simplify lifecycle marketing and transactional messaging with Dittofeed's open-source tools.