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Self-hosted Basic

Run Dittofeed on your own servers and save.

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Unlimited unique users
Visual journey builder
Template editor
Email support
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Cloud Basic
$75 per month

All the features you need to be great at messaging automation.

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Everything in Self-hosted Basic, plus:
Dittofeed hosting
1 month onboarding support
14 day free trial
10,000 unique users*
* For 10k-100k users, $0.005/additional user per/month
For 100k-500k users, $0.003/additional use/month
For 500k or more users, $0.002/additional user/month
Priority Support Add-on
$350 per month

Get priority hands-on support 24/7. Cancel at any time.

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Dedicated Slack Connect
Unlimited Zoom calls
Prioritized feature request development
Journey, template, and segment design service
Integration setup
OSS License
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Premium support
White-labeled components
Multi-tenant advanced auth
Full integrations library
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Everything in OSS License, plus:
Dittofeed hosting
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How do I self-host Dittofeed?

Simply go to “Deploy To Render” and follow the prompts to deploy Dittofeed.
Check the Self-Host with Render docs for more info.

Is Dittofeed a low-code application?

Yes, Dittofeed is a low-code application. Engineering work is typically required to submit data to Dittofeed, after which little to no engineering involvement is required.

Who is Dittofeed for?

Dittofeed is for organizations that need to automatically trigger messages to their users. We’ve architected the platform for scalability, and the UI is simple enough for non-technical team members.

What’s the difference between cloud and self-hosting?

With Dittofeed cloud we take care of hosting for you, and provide more advanced auth out of the box.

What kind of messages can I send with Dittofeed?

Messaging channels include email, sms, and webhooks, with more under active development. Send any form of lifecycle marketing or transactional message, such as product updates, password change alerts, newsletters, onboarding reminders, cart reminders, invoices/receipts, etc.

How do I contribute to the open-source repository?

To get involved in our development process, visit our documentation on contributing and view open issues.

How much does Dittofeed cost?

Self-hosting is free! Our cloud offering starts at $75/month. However, pricing is dependent on your organization’s unique active user count and the number of events we will be processing on your behalf. Contact for a quote.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, all new cloud accounts receive a free 14-day trial.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Chat with the Dittofeed team.