Release v0.17.0

Dittofeed 0.17.0

This is the first of (what we hope are many) Dittofeed weekly roundup posts. We want to let the community know what we have been up to.

If you would like us to change the format or include something new, create an issue.

Release Details

New: “Performed” segmentation on Track events

The latest release of Dittofeed introduces a new "Performed" segmentation feature that allows workspace members to segment users based on whether they've performed a Track event, some number of times. This is a great option for segmenting based on some action that a user performs, like performing a purchase.

New: “Wait For” Journey nodes, to wait for users to enter a segment

“Wait For” nodes are a powerful addition to Journeys. They prevent users from progressing within a Journey until they have entered a segment, with some time limit. This provides a useful complement to delay journey nodes for many use cases. For example, you might want to wait to send a second email, until a day after a user has opened a prior email.

New: Email segmentation

Email segmentation allows workspace members to select users that have received a specific email event for a given email template. These events include:

  • Email sent.
  • Email dropped.
  • Email delivered.
  • Email opened.
  • Email clicked.
  • Email bounced.
  • Email marked as spam.

New: admin-cli, a cli project for administering Dittofeed in production

The new admin-cli project is cli which collects helpful scripts for administering Dittofeed in production, and contributing to Dittofeed locally. The admin-cli project comes with its own Dockerfile for running the project.

The admin-cli is useful for bootstrapping your dittofeed application.

# running in development
yarn admin
# running with production docker compose
docker compose -f run admin-cli yarn admin bootstrap

Improved: Upgrade Prisma for smaller runtimes

Dittofeed upgraded its prisma and @prisma/client dependencies from 4.8.1 to 4.16.2 which includes substantial reductions to the size of prisma’s runtime.


Shout out to Kaushik for making major contributions to our ongoing effort to support mobile push!

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