Git-based Workflows Inspired by Retool

Growth and marketing teams often find themselves in need of engineering support. Engineers can often be spread to thin to help. As marketers and engineers ourselves, we wanted a better way for these team members to collaborate more effectively with each other, which is why we’ve integrated git-based workflows directly into Dittofeed’s UI.

Since most marketers need engineering support when a campaign breaks (broken links in templates, wrong user segments receiving messages, etc.), we decided to introduce version control to marketing automation. Now, with a simple UI feature, non-technical marketers can submit pull requests anytime they make changes to a campaign. Engineers who support marketing can review requests before merging changes into active campaigns, making it easier to catch errors before broken messages reach users. Ultimately, this increases user retention and saves marketers and engineers a ton of time.

We’re thankful to the team at Retool, whose product served as inspiration for this feature.

Watch Max demo Dittofeed’s git-based workflows below, and check out our docs for further information on how it works.

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